So, what do I do?

In short, my goal is to help build and implement automated fitness lead systems for people focused fitness professionals.
I want to be able to help build confidence by growing your client base, so you can focus more on what you actually want to do – help others improve their lives!

How I provide Future Fit People on Autopilot 

  • I’ll begin by sitting down and having a conversation about your current state of marketing. What are you doing? How much are you spending? What’s working, and what’s not?
  • Next, you and I will work together to drum up a special offering that we can offer clients to entice them to come and try out your unique services.
  • After collecting sufficient data from you about your business and what you want to achieve, my team and I will build you a specific sale funnel for capturing lead information and providing them with your offer.
  • We will provide you with proven follow up sales scripts for point of contact, and closing the sale.
  • Next, we research into whats happening in your local area and the best course of advertisement for your business. We then tailor a specific Facebook Campaign to put your sales funnel in front of potential clients.
  • From here you can sit back, as leads will be delivered to your inbox. We can also provide a detailed spreadsheet which leads can feed into allowing easy follow up services and tracking.
  • We provide ongoing check-ins and coaching as required to help you understand the process, and to help you convert those potential leads into a welcomed new client.
This is what some of our clients are saying…

“This is a personal shout out to Mark. I really hope you guys are marinading daily with this guy and his thoughts. 3 weeks ago I was sitting on my 230m2 turf thinking.. “man I only make $65 an hour for this piece of real estate, the other 600m2 makes me $1000 an hour.. what can I do?”.

Mark came up in conversation, the very next day he was at my gym, plans formed and discussions were held. Now at the end of the day I have someone who can really help me grow crossfit plus bootcamp and control my 4km radius of training.

With Marks help I got the kick up the ass I needed as my followup was atrocious, now in the last 10 days ive stepped up and I have had 93 leads personally booked into classes at my gym all thanks to Mark, 9 of which are now on paid memberships. Do not take Mark lightly if you are serious about dominating and being the best in your field.”

The Wall Strength & Conditioning

“I’m a Personal Trainer running group fitness sessions in Taranaki and we’ve recently used MarkTulloch.com for some Facebook advertising. What an awesome response we had! In just under a week we had over 11,000 people reached; over 1000 post clicks; and 395 reactions, comments and shares.

The majority of this was in the first few days. We’ve had a steady stream of member trial registrations and ongoing contact via phone/email since the advert was first posted. This has worked far more effectively then any other form of social media advertising we have done before. Well worth the money invested.”

Gary Szabo
Personal Trainer

“I have been in business as a group fitness instructor & personal trainer for 2 years and have never really gotten the hang of marketing. I was winging it. Trying different things here and there and not investing in any real marketing. I was scared to waste money when I wasn’t getting much coming in to begin with.

When I heard of the successes that Mark was having with his own business and clients and I decided to bite the bullet.

So far, after my first week, I am up 900% on my current ad spend! I wish I’d done this years ago! I can’t wait to see where this leads (pun intended)!
Thanks Mark!!!”

Amy Roper
Amy Jayne Fitness