The cutest Mums n Bubs fitness class

The cutest Mums n Bubs fitness class

February 20, 2017 Boot It Fitness Boot It Super Women 0

I run a Mums n Bubs class on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday in Glen Eden at 9.30am. Over the 2 years that I’ve had my fitness hub open the Mums group has been a cornerstone for us. It is a challenge for Mums to be super consistent with family commitments but they are definitely a tight knit group.

I’ve run the group myself, had another lady running it and now I’m back and loving it. I have had an expression of interest from a lady in the group Claire who is keen to be trained up as a group trainer. She comes from a choreography and dance background which is great.

The plan is for her to run Monday and Wednesday BOOT IT SUPER WOMEN and I’ll take BOOT BOX on a Friday. Totally pumped to be branching out into my community while continuing to grow our number of fitness business owners in Australasia!

Watch this space!