How to make $100k running a boot camp business

How to make $100k running a boot camp business

May 16, 2017 Boot It Fitness Fitness Business 0

Alright. Here we go. Before I start this blog post, I want to clarify that this will 100% be about creating a boot camp business with 100k revenue gross. So don’t come on here pointing out that I haven’t taken into account overheads. In fact I’ll show you how to set up a boot camp with next to no overheads.

The Numbers
So. Getting to 100k in turnover for your boot camp starts with the numbers. Lets do some maths.

Membership Fee (conservative) – $85 / month
Monthly Revenue Goal                 – $8,333.33 / month
Members required                         – 98 (Round it up to 100)

$85/month x 100 members = $  8,500/month
= $102,000 / year

Very early on I started a ‘Grading’concept. Every 12 weeks my members go through a standardised fitness test. I make the whole event an occasion to celebrate!

The Big Picture

Looking into the equation above. It’s all about Revenue. You will have overheads such as marketing, location hire, equipment, uniforms and potentially staff. But this size organisation is a good short to medium term goal.

How do I fit 100 people into 1 session?

You don’t. The way to bring 100 boot camp members into an organisation is to run different training groups across different times and different programs. For example, you could have a mon/wed/fri – 6am crew doing standard boot camp. Then in a slightly different time slot, say Tues/Thurs 9.30am Mums you grow a group. How many groups will you need to grow 100 members? That depends on how good you are at lead generation and marketing.

How to get boot camp members?

For me at Boot It Fitness it has been all about a multi-prong attack. With a background in Multimedia and Online Marketing I am heaving focused on sales funnels, online lead generation, mail lists and the latest methods for acquiring new potential members. Remember that you are not only competing with other boot camps, but you are competing with crossfit boxes, big brand gyms, online trainers and traditional personal training options. You need to have a strong online presence. Sophisticated online marketing methods and rock solid old fashioned customer service and caring.

I’ve plateaued in my boot camp growth

You have some options but you need to move quick. You could partner with a company such as Boot It. Boot It is the brand I created for my boot camps. Since 2012 I have launched 25 boot camp locations now across 2 countries and multiple regions. This has included working closely with 15 affiliated boot camp trainers (to date). What I do is work one on one closely with trainers to plug any wholes they may have as a business owner.

If you do like to go at it alone. Then I highly recommend that you do a branding analysis of your boot camp. Then implement an online marketing strategy on the channels that you are most comfortable with. Facebook is a must. Google Ads is good if you know what you are doing. Instagram is low cost but can be a time waster. There’s many tricks to the trade for a fitness business. It is better to specialise in 1-2 marketing channels I have found working with trainers.

The Final Hurdle

Don’t quit. That is all