I’m not your typical fitness guru. The reason is I’m no guru at all. I’m an ordinary fitness professional who figured out the online marketing thing.

I have a single goal for MarkTulloch.com – To build automated fitness lead systems for fitness people focused professionals

My team of highly talented Funnel Specialists have helped gyms, personal trainers, boot camps and CrossFit box owners to grow their membership base with high quality leads that convert to full paying members.

The fitness industry is built on relationships and having an effective way to bring new people into your fitness business will determine your success.

By setting up Automated Fitness Leads I have been able to set up a leased fitness hub with functioning gym with zero capital. Knowing where your leads will come from gives you a lot of power.

You don’t get to #1 in your country in a competitive niche such as boot camps without an automated lead generation system.

I now have proven results using strategic facebook marketing methods for gyms, crossfits, personal trainers and boutique studios. There is no better feeling than changing a fitness professionals life and taking away their problems.

How do I stay ahead of the competition with my facebook marketing?


I still actively test and run campaigns daily for my own personal gym, boot camp business and personal trainers. I take the best results and targeting and mirror them for my fitness business clients around the world.

I on board a limited number of businesses every month to ensure that my team and I deliver quality. If you want a system that you can put lead generation for you gym on autopilot. The next step is to book a 45 minute fitness business consultation.

We’ll talk for 45 minutes and I’ll map out an exact action plan for you to follow so that you can hit your sales goals. This call will probably be the most valuable 45mins you spend working on your business this year…