After growing New Zealand’s biggest boot camp business with 25+ locations and 15 licensed owner operators. I had experienced plenty of success in growing boot camps, transformations and personal training.

It had only taken my buddy John and I 4 years to train over 8000 people running thousands of sessions and hundreds of FREE community sessions.

In the winter of 2017 things hit rock bottom for me. Right at the time that my business partner moved to another country and I had a baby arrive, the bottom fell out of my main source of leads. Groupon and other daily deals.

I had to find a way to feed my locations and the locations of my affiliates fast. One night by chance I stumbled across a facebook advertising course. I had a good feeling so I clicked through to the payment page. Damn! $1000 USD was money I didn’t have. I hadn’t paid myself wages in months and my gym and boot camp empire was on the brink of closing. Damn it I just didn’t have $1000 to part with.

Around 7 days later I had a email come through about the facebook ads course. There was an option to pay $200 / month for 7 months. $1400 spread over time. I checked my credit card balance and I had minus $9745.63 – Awesome I’ve got $254.37 cents until I’ve maxed out.

Boom! I put my cash down and got the course. I completed the 4 week course in 1 weekend. I became manic obsessive about mastering facebook ads. I put my first campaign up and bang! 76 leads in a weekend for 1 of my boot camp locations. I freaked and turned the advert off!

Very quickly I realised that Fitness had quite a lot of elements that were unique and that I shouldn’t have turned the ad off. Over the next 6 months I went as deep as I could mad scientist style mastering the adverts, targeted campaigns, sales funnels and follow up for Fitness.

The targeting, sales funnel and in particular the FOLLOW Up had to be done in a specific way to get a Fantastic result.

Over the next 5 years I mastered digital marketing for fitness. This allowed for the growth of a 25 location boot camp business and trained over 8000 people.

Struggling to find NEW FITNESS CLIENTS?

I know the feeling. My point of difference:

– Guaranteed Fitness Leads
– Results Focused Facebook Campaigns
– Automated Follow Up Tools

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