Kia ora & Welcome

Kia ora and welcome. My name is Mark and I could lie to you and tell you I am amazing but I am not. I’m a very ordinary bloke who lives in Auckland, New Zealand with my wife Milyn and daughter Mackenzie.

I have managed to achieve some extraordinary success with my own fitness journey and helping thousands of others. 6 years ago I started out as a PT. I quickly realised that PT is not affordable for most people.

I wanted to find a way to help more people and affect more change in peoples lives. In 2012 I established a group training business called Boot It Fitness. It started out small with one locations in a park with no equipment apart from cones and an old builders stereo.

Within 4 years I had grown a boot camp business with over 25 locations, 15 affiliated owner operators and 6500 people trained and counting. To this day I am still running 2-6 group training sessions every day.

Over this time we have received countless ‘5 Star Reviews’ for the quality of the program and the atmosphere that has been created. My Online Fitness Membership is centred around the exact programs that I use on the daily basis to get everyday people fit.

Whatever you current fitness level I can tell you right now that I have seen it all. This program is guaranteed to get you to your goal. Whether you have been sedentary for years or are fit and wanting to be super fit. My program has been proven on stay at home mums all the way to MMA world champions.

I have included on my page a FREE FITNESS BUNDLE which gives you a solid nutrition plan and exercise routine to achieve top results. You’ll also go onto my mail list and receive top tips on achieving weight loss and top fitness

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